Morgantown, West Virginia
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Our vision:
All Morgantown residents can enjoy bicycling safely and fearlessly anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

Green - Pleasant: Low motor traffic volume and slow speed.
Blue - OK: Moderate motor traffic and slow to moderate speed.
Brown - Use Caution: Moderate to heavy motor traffic and moderate speed.
Red - Be vigilant. Possible high speed motor traffic, blind curves, steep hills, and/or poor road conditions.

These roads indicated are typically used by cyclists to connect locations. Streets without color are not specifically rated on this map. Almost all neighborhood streets in Morgantown are considered low-volume, low-speed roads and are suitable for cycling. We recommend users conduct an exploratory ride whenever possible.

Please let us know what you think of this Commuter Map and how we can improve it.
Sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Enhancement Program, administered by the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways.
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